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Helen Moore & Rachael Sheedy
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ReadNaturally is a researched based, web-based, individualized reading program that targets struggling readers.  The program is designed to increase students phonics skills, vocabulary development, reading fluency and reading comprehension skills.  The stories are non-fictional, increasing student engagement and motivation. Teachers are able to monitor students success on each story through formal and informal assessments.

Benefits of Program

This programs allows individual practice in a small group setting.  It is highly motivational, not only for the high interest stories, but because the students can instantly track their progress in the areas of a student’s strengths, deficits, functional levels and growth.  Reading fluency is a challenge for many of our students, which makes it difficult for them to read their core curriculum materials in a timely manner. ReadNaturally works very specifically with reading fluency and systematically provides practice to help students increase their fluency and build comprehension.  The program benefits students by increasing their motivation to read and helps them develop the necessary basic reading skills to become better readers and decrease the achievement gap.

Success of Program

Research has shown students reading skills increase when using this program for reading intervention.  The website provides many positive reviews of how the program has increased reading achievement.


ReadNaturally Live would be used during designated Resource blocks (Tier 3) and students' Reading Intervention block (Tier 2) as an intensive intervention reading program to promote and encourage reading growth. At the present time, we are pulling together various materials and programs to use in our classes. ReadNaturally would provide a systematic, research-based program to increase reading fluency, as well as decoding skills, comprehension, and vocabulary in a highly motivating way.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

The number of licenses requested would be able to span four grade levels; 2nd through 5th-grade resource students as well as some of our students in the general education reading intervention program. Over the past year at Glenshire Elementary, only two out of the six fourth grade students in Tier 2 Reading Intervention are demonstrating growth sufficient to potentially meet grade-level expectations using the TTUSD adopted Fountas & Pinnell Intervention program at this time. We would like the opportunity to have an alternative intervention program, such as ReadNaturally LIVE, to support these Tier 2 and our Tier 3 students.

The licensing for this program will last one school-year and will not incur any additional costs during that time
Amount Funded
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$736 - 32 Seats for ReadNaturally Live at $23 per seat