Ready, set, microphones in action!

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Kathy Muonio
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This grant would fund 4 handheld microphones with the required cords and microphone stands, 2 handheld wireless microphones, 5 lapel ipad microphones and 1 bag for storage.  The lapel ipad microphones could be shared by all the teachers in a school on a check out system to allow their students to record their voices on the ipad without interference noise of the classroom.  As a music teacher, I would use these microphones to record students and create Imovies with all the students in the school.  The other handheld microphones and the wireless microphones would be used on our stage by me for school wide musical productions but also would be used by other grade levels that have yearly theatrical productions.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

Our elementary school is in desperate need of  microphones.  We currently have one microphone that works consistently and no reliable microphone stands.  It was very difficult to put on a school wide musical performance last year with such limited resources.  The microphones would benefit the entire school community.  They would be used for school wide productions by the music teacher and also used by the classroom teachers who put on yearly productions.  Giving children the opportunity to be on stage and perform for an audience is an invaluable experience.  The school wide performances help create the school community and reinforce the values of our school.  Teachers enhance their social studies and science curriculum through musical productions.  The fourth grade classes produce a show every year called "Gold Bust or Dust "  that is the culminating event for their study of the Gold Rush.  The first grade classes perform a play based on their science curriculum and the study of animals.  The small lapel microphones requested for Ipads would help bring kids ensure good sound quality for podcasts and other video/audio assignments done in the classroom.

Success of Program (10 points)

Our music, science and social studies curriculum would be enhanced by the purchase of these microphones.  It is very frustrating to work for months on a production of a play only to have the microphones fail during the presentation.  Teachers work many extra hours to give the students the opportunity to be in a play and they want their students to have the opportunity to make history and science come alive. We are providing students the opportunity to have a multi-sensory approach to learning. The students are motivated to learn songs, dances and concepts of history and/or science in order to present them to a live audience.  Furthermore, one of the most important music standards in the curriculum is performance.  Children are excited to learn something in music class when they know they will have an opportunity to perform what they learned.  

Implementation (10 points)

I would like to put the microphones into use immediately for our Winter Concert in December.  The lapel microphones would be available for check out by teachers by the start of January.  The stage microphones would be available to any classroom teacher that wants to use them for a musical play production.  I would be in charge of the microphones and the training of any teacher that would like to access them.  The microphone bag would allow me to keep the microphones and accessories well organized and safe.

The grant will be sustainable for many years to come as the microphones should last for many years. This grant will allow for multiple productions and musical shows to take place successfully every year at KBE.
Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

The microphones would be available for use by any classroom teacher that would like to use them.  I've already spoken with the fourth grade teachers who are very excited about the prospect of new microphones in their fourth grade play.  With the purchase of new microphones, as the music teacher, I would love to help encourage and develop a curriculum based play for each grade level at KBE.  These microphones would also be used for Back to School Night, Walk-a-Thon and other school wide events where microphones are needed.

Budget (10 points)
Budget Item(s)
$40 - 5 Lapel Microphones for iPhone, iPad,
$396 - 4 Handheld microphones
$80 - 4 Microphone stands
$549 - Dual channel wireless microphones
$238 - 4 Microphone cables
$40 - 1 microphone bag
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Vendor :Amazon:

Lapel Microphone for iPhone, iPad,

$7.90x5= 39.50


Vendor: Guitar Center:

Handheld microphone

$99x4= 396


Mic stands

$39.98 for 2 x2= 79.96


Microphone cable

15 ft 33.99x1

50ft 67.99x3

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