Replacement Devices for Educational Software and Learning Products

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Diane Welch
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The time to replace outdated technology in the classroom to run educational software and learning products has come. Currently, I have six iPad2 tablets in the classroom that are no longer supported by Apple and are considered obsolete. The iPads in the classroom have limited compatibility and cannot be upgraded to the current operating system, iOS10, from Apple. This essentially has stalled the ability to use current educational software in the classroom and learning products utilized in literacy, math, and critical thinking activities. 

Benefits of Program

Students in the classroom and visiting students from all grade levels can utilize software and programs to enhance their literacy and math learning. When students are paired with their cross-age level buddies, they can share in learning new skills, and older students can help mentor younger students in the classroom. Students can also work alongside classmates in heterogeneous groupings to make learning more interactive with friends. 

Success of Program

During the past 10 years, I have successfully used the Learning System OSMO to engage, support, and assess students of differentiated levels to work together towards a shared learning experience. This program has been used in literacy and math centers as well as a highly requested Free-Time activity to encourage critical thinking skills. The best part is the learning continues with this program long after the lesson ends. 


This grant would be implemented immediately as I am currently using this program; I just need to update the hardware. The technology in the classroom is no longer supported by Apple, and while the program still works, its capabilities are limited, and with each update, its functionality lessons. 

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

YES! This is a universal item that can be used in many areas. I have been sharing the current iPads with our ELD teacher to support her efforts in teaching English Language Learners. These devices are also used with cross-age level buddies and within the classroom as a bonus learning center.

The current technology in the classroom is more than a decade old. The iPad2 tablets were purchased in 2011. The new tablets will be used fully until they become obsolete, hopefully in another decade.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$1974 - iPad - quantity 6
$294 - Smart Cover for iPad 9th generation
$24 - CA recycling fee
Other funding sources

SELS currently has a technology replacement budget, and most of that funding is used to update Chromebooks each year on a rolling replacement schedule for each classroom. This budget is limited due to the fact that SELS doesn't receive any technology funding from TTUSD. The priority is placed on keeping the classroom Chromebooks up-to-date for daily student use, so replacement iPads are low on the priority list. 


The students in my classroom love using the software and programs on these devices, but I have been using them less often due to the glitches caused by outdated operating systems. Our crew would be very grateful to have updated iPads in our learning environment.