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Lorenzo Worster Sierra Expeditionary Learning School
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I teach a 6th grade physical science based unit on climate change. There are many resources out there for Earth science based climate change units but not many that look through the lense of physics and atmospheric chemistry. This book is a great asset to my climate change unit not only because it goes into the chemistry of climate change but it also has great hands on activities that are available to students in the classroom or during this COVID distance learning. I would like to purchase a class set of eBooks so that it is available for students this year and in future years. 

Benefits of Program

This book will be able to be used by each student each year. Because it is a PDF I can assign it using Kami PDF editor and students can annotate and fill in answers year after year. All 6th grade students at SELS each year will benefit from this grant. 

Success of Program

Success will be easy with this grant. When I have access to the text I students will benefit. 


Students will have access as soon as the grant is awarded. 

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

I am my grade level and subject team, so yes. 

No future funding would be required.
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$470 - 26 eBook licenses
Other funding sources

Yes, my principal and I decided this was a great Excellence in Ed grant. If not awarded this grant I will look in to other funding. 


Thank you!