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Erica Stukey Allstadt
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Each year, students in my classroom participate in our own version of a Toastmaster's Program. I strongly believe that in order to best be engaged in writing, students need a purpose and an audience. In this program, students work on writing pieces throughout the year and pick three (opinion, informational, narrative) that they find pride in to present through this public speaking program. We invite members of our community, other students, and families. Students go through the writing process  with greater ease and build stamina and perseverance knowing that there is an end goal in mind.  I've seen HUGE growth in student writing.  My second graders plan, write, revise, and create final drafts for essays on a variety of topics.  Last year we wrote persuasive essays on Deforestation and informational pieces on a National Park that they presented to park rangers.  Students run the whole program from being president, vice president, secretary, and grammarian. What's great is that I am able to release responsibility and act as a facilitator as they step into the role of young adult. School wide teachers have students present and hols formal meetings in which the podium would be utilized.We would adore having a small podium in our classroom in order to create an even more realistic and professional environment. It will allow students to take greater ownership in their work and presentation.

The objective of this grant is also to secure funding support to purchase five electricity kits, and one rock and minerals kit for the fourth and fifth grade classroom. Each kit includes parallel and series circuits, light bulbs, resistors, motors, electromagnets, and a solar power panel. Additionally, we are seeking funding for a rock and minerals kit for our unit on the rock cycle. This set comes with 75 number-coded, unmounted 3/4"-1" specimens, perfect for handing out to students and allowing them to test each rock in this kit for its unique physical properties. Nine of the ten hardness levels from the Mohs scale are included (all but diamond). A sturdy compartmented storage box, streak plate, magnet, magnifier, and Rocks, Minerals and Gemstones: an Introductory Study Guide are included.It is organized into sections on mineral properties, metallic minerals, nonmetallic minerals, rock forming minerals, igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks, and gemstones. It also has charts on the rock cycle and on classification of the three types of rocks.These kits will enhance our ability to teach the fourth grade Next Generation Science Standards on electricity and rocks by providing hand on applications to the content. This will allow our students to test various rock samples and classify them. It will also allow for them to work in teams to problem solve electricity circuits as well as compare the benefits of cell power from solar energy. 


Benefits of Program

The entire second and third grade class will directly benefit from the use of this podium and it will be part of our Toastmaster's program for years to come. We will also share it for any other student presentations throughout the school.

These science kits will benefit the students by providing exciting applications to the standards we study. Students will be able to apply what they learn to design their own electricity circuit and work as geologists to better understand how to classify rocks and minerals in connection to the rock cycle.

Success of Program

It brings meaning and purpose to learning. It seems simple to ask for a podium but to an eight year old presenting a writing piece they spent a month putting together on a deep topic such as the adaptations of arctic polar bears, it means the world. I've seen the most timid of students stand up and present in this format and suddenly they light up with pride. A podium allows the students to feel a greater sense of pride, ownership, leadership, and connection to what they are doing. 

The success of this grant will be measured by the level of student engagement in our units of study as well as the understanding of fourth grade Next Generation Science Standards. These grant items will be used in collaborative student groups so another measure of success will be the student’s ability to work with peers to solve real world science problems.


It will be implemented immediately.  Well, as soon as scaffolding for writing and public speaking is in place, we build a growth mindset, and set our goals. We will use it through our public speaking program, Toastmasters, as well as during the school wide River Day when a member of the public comes to present, and we can also use it during school wide events like our cross curricular grade level plays.

These materials will be implemented at center rotations while each of these topics in science. The students will rotate through work stations conducting different labs within their group. These kits are specific to fourth and fifth grade standards but will be available to all grade levels

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes. We share everything at our school and help provide the best learning experience for all of our students. We have created our grants as a school wide team.

It will be purchased, cared for, and is fully sustainable. There will be no need for additional funding in the future.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$83 - Displays2go 12.6 Inch H Tabletop Portable Podium, Folding, Angled Surface with Lip, Hollow Storage Area, Black
$170 - Electricity Kit
$126 - Rocks Kit
Other funding sources

We have been busy with the new distance learning and our school is using all of our power to currently support students in the situations they are in. 

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