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Allison Everist and 2018-19 2nd grade team at Tahoe Lake (3 teachers)
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The 2nd grade team at Tahoe Lake for the 2018-21019 school year will have 3 classrooms. We have loved using the Mystery Science program along with the Stemscopes program the district is providing to enhance student learning.  We have all already received a free year of Mystery Science as a trial and would love to continue using it next year.  The annual subscription is the first item we are asking for.  We also need to replenish consumable materials used in our classroom to support our science program.  

Benefits of Program

Tahoe Lake Elementary is a Science School!  We have a weekly science enhancement teacher, but we also do hands-on experiments in out classrooms, 2-3 times a week.  We use both Stemscopes, supplied by the District as well as Mystery Science.

While learning about properties of matter, students made soap to learn about the property of dissolving.  We also made candles to learn about melting.  We even melted candy to learn and about reversible and irreversible changes. 

When studying plant and animal biodiversity, we grew "grass heads", made root viewers, and went on sock walk to see how seeds could stick to fur.

Finally, when learning about changes to our earth, we made cornmeal "land" to show the effects of erosion.  


Success of Program

We did many other projects throughout the Stemscopes and Mystery Science curriculum that truly enhanced the student's understanding and allowed them to often keep their projects to remember their learning. 


We currently offered all of these lessons this years in second grade at Tahoe Lake.  We depleted the supplies that were available to us this year.  We are hoping to offer all these lessons/ experiments again next year! 

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

This is a grade level grant that will benefit all 2nd graders at Tahoe Lake Elementary.

This grant is entirely consumable items.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$297 - Mystery Science membership
$530 - Consumable Supplies (see itemized list)
Budget Notes

Since this grant is for three different second grade classes, the total per class will be $289.42.  


Other funding sources

The district office currently purchases the Stemscopes curriculum.


There are over 40 lessons throughout Mystery Science and Stemscopes.  Links to both to view the lessons and project materials have been included.  Several materials, like tin foil, paper plates and cups are used in multiple lessons.  When reviewing the supply order, keep in mind that 1000 paper plates are not used in just one lesson.  Thank you for your consideration!