Second and Third Grade NGSS Science Smart Garden 3

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Erica Allstadt
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The Smart Garden 3 is a Hydroponics, battery operated growing system that are developmentally appropriate for 2nd and 3rd graders to operate and become accountable for. They will allow students to actively participate in both 2nd and 3rd grade NGSS standards dealing with plants, life cycles, and changes over time. It will also allow me to teach habitats and environments by having students manipulate and making changes to the plant types, amount of sunlight, and water. 

Benefits of Program

The benefits are directly related to standards based learning. Students can participate in changing variables in their table team gardens based on what we are learning in science. They'll be used every other year to go with curriculum. Students will not only be able to apply these to science but also to reading and writing because they will constantly be observing and monitoring changes and reading about topics related to science that will let them then work as teams to make decisions on how they will manipulate their gardens.

Success of Program

Students success will be measured by watching them collecting data and graph, the writing pieces that they will create connecting to NGSS standards and learning in the hydroponic garden, as well as their self reflections as related to the proficiency scales that will be provided with this learning experience. 


Currently the 4th and 5th grade classroom has a large scale grow tower. These are smaller table top gardens that will allow students grow based on habitats, water and nutrient amounts, and amounts of sunlight. Learning will be ongoing throughout every other year of curriculum and students will consistently be adjusting tanks based on gained knowledge and experience. This learning will later connect to 5th grade understanding of Earth's systems and how they work together. I providing foundational understanding through hands on experiences. 

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Students will take knowledge with them to apply later on as science concepts begin to tie together. We can use these and share them as needed for any learning experiences necessary throughout this school. 

This is a one time purchase that won't be made again. The school can provide batteries, water, and we can collect seeds based on student studies
Amount Funded
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$134 - Each Smart Garden 3 is 139.95. I would request 6 so they could work in teams
Other funding sources

We can fund seeds yearly, batteries, and other consumables down the road after the main garden purchase.