SELS Vernier Additional Probes and Sensors

Grant Applicant

Lorenzo Worster

Grant Date


Grant Category

Description (10 points)

This grant is to extend a previously funded grant for Vernier probes and data collection for LabQuests to include more probes for further experiments and probes that are compatible with Chromebooks. With the addition of more Godirect sensors, we have the capability of data collection straight to student Chromebooks as well as expanded capacity for experimentation.

Amount Funded


Budget Item(s)

$594 - (6) Go Direct Acceleration Sensors @$99 Each
$534 - (6) Go Direct Photogate @ $89
$345 - 5 Go Direct Temperature Probes @ $69
$198 - 9 BioChamber 2000 @$22




Benefits of Program (10 points)

These probes will allow expanded capabilities for investigation into thermal energy transfer, affect of greenhouse gasses on climate as well as motion and forces.

Success of Program (10 points)

The program is already a success with students using the Vernier equipment to collect and analyze data using professional instrumentation.

Implementation (10 points)

Program has already been implemented and these probes and sensors would add to the capabilities.

The probes and instruments can be used year after year.
Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes I will be sharing it with 8th grade science.

Other funding sources

No other funding sources.