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Hana Lamb
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My name is Hana Lamb I am a Math and Sports Medicine Teacher at North Tahoe High School. Next year North Tahoe High School will be implementing a Sports Medicine course as part of the CTE pathway. This course is designed to have students learn the basic fundamentals of careers in sports medicine. Students will learn through practical hands-on application how to assess, prepare, prevent, evaluate and treat emergency procedures. Students will become first aid/CPR, AED certified throughout this course. This course incorporates project-based learning to prepare students for entry-level employment and future academics that will prepare students for pursuing health science related courses at the post-secondary level. Units covered in this course throughout the year are careers in the field of sports medicine, sports psychology, pre existing conditions and how that may affect an athletes performance, first aid and CPR, how to prepare for emergencies, infection control, bloodborne pathogens and nutrition. Throughout this course students will develop cognitive and critical thinking skills to assess various first responder scenarios. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to review my grant.



Benefits of Program

This class is a career technical education class and will benefit all students who take this to prepare them for life and career skills that will only benefit our Lake Tahoe community. This course will target special education, English Learner and Socio-economically disadvantaged students by blending life and career skills for careers ranging from athlete/coach to physical trainer, medical technician, physical therapist or doctor. 

Success of Program

I would define success for this grant by being able to buy all the materials needed to certify my students for American Red Cross First Aid/CPR and AED. In order to certify my students I need to have all the equipment to certify for my students. Being able to only gain half of the equipment needed this year will not allow me to certify the hard working students next year that are in Sports Medicine I. This is why it is imperative to have all equipment necessary to certify my students next year. A second success for this grant would be being able to get materials such as athletic training benches to put in my classroom to help students with assessments of injuries and taping labs. 


This grant will be implemented as soon as possible. I already know what I need for the class next year and I will start ordering the materials for both CPR certification and classroom labs as soon as I possibly can to prepare for next year. For the 2022-2023 school year we will have 2 periods of sports medicine I. We plan on growing out the CTE  program and hopefully having both a sports medicine I and sports medicine II class in the future. The materials I gain for the 2022-2023 school year will be just the start of how widely it will be implemented across all grade levels at North Tahoe High School. 

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Once I am able to get all the tools to CPR certify my students I will be able to renew and certify all staff at North Tahoe High School with Frist/Aid, CPR and AED Red Cross certification annually. I will be able to use the materials I get from this grant to benefit my students but also benefit the whole staff of North Tahoe High School. Sports medicine is a CTE pathway class so any students who needs takes sports medicine will be able to access  these materials across all grade levels. 

The athletic training benches should be fully sustainable. Where as the CPR materials will most likely have to be renewed about every 5-6 years (according to other CPR trainers I have discussed with) due to wear and tear. There are cheaper replacement parts that for the CPR dolls that can be purchased if there are small repairs that need to be done. Overall this grant should fund me for the next few years.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$2026 - Jaw Thrust AED, CPR & BLS Manikin Instructor Starter Kit - No tax or shipping
$110 - CPR Student Training Kit - Pk/10 - Qty 20 - No tax or shipping
$558 - CPR Keychain with Face Shield and Gloves - Qty: 205- No tax or shipping
$8 - 36" Padded Board Splint - No tax or shipping
$517 - Hausmann Portable PROTEAM Treatment Table SALE - No tax or shipping
Other funding sources

I have discussed with my principal funding to help with other classroom materials such as tape, splints and first aid kits for labs, anatomy models for students and field trip funding.

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I know in my heart this sports medicine class will be a unique and highly beneficial class for both our school and community in Lake Tahoe. I am so excited and honored to be the teacher who starts this program at North Tahoe high school. The funding I hope to get from the EEF will be the essential foundation that this program needs to gain momentum to support all students from special education, English Learner and Socio-economically disadvantaged students to gifted students in my classroom. I will be able to use this grant to prepare students for entry-level employment and future academics that will prepare students for pursuing health science related courses at the post-secondary level. Thank you so much for your time reviewing my application.