STEM - Engineering Manipulatives for Kindergarten

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Kim Krengel
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We would like to purchase classroom construction / engineering materials for building in our classes.  The engineering standards are for children to work on problem solving, strategies, constructing to create new shapes from existing.  To create structures that can be built use cooperative team building skills within the class of students.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

Students need materials to work with to create structures for engineering standards.  We are lacking at our site.  These 2 types of blocks are wonderful, and currently being used at Kings Beach EL. for their students.  Cooperative group work, problem solving, strategies for success and celebrations of the amzing structures that kindergartners can make!  STEM

Success of Program (10 points)

Students are successful in using their imaginations / task cards to build elaborate structures, while building on so many skills needed in life = STEM

Implementation (10 points)

These amazing tools will be used daily by the students during choosing time, daily,  as well as with engineering standards for guided discoveries and tasks given.

These will be taken good care of, and should last forever!
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I set for each of our 4 kindergarten classrooms.

Budget (10 points)
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$4 - Keva Brain Builders 4@ $13.95
$4 - KEVA Brain Builders Junior 4@ $14.95
$4 - KEVA Maple Wooden plank construction 200 pc. set . 4@89.95
$4 - TEGU Blocks 4@ $300.00
Amount Requested

I will give Laura Brown the order invoice.