Stemscopes Science Book Sets

Grant Date
Grant Applicant
Marguerite Paras
Grant Co-applicants
School Site
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Description (10 points)

Truckee Elementary 4th grade is requesting book sets to support science reading.  The books are aligned with theNext Generation Science Standards (NGSS). 

We would like to purchase 6 sets of books that are recommended by the STEMscopes program to provide background knowledge and resources for research and investigations.  

Benefits of Program (10 points)

All 4th grade students will benefit from non-fiction reading. The books will also be available to students of other grades. 

Success of Program (10 points)

Students love to learn about science. The new books will support student learning and foster excitement about non-fiction reading. We hope students will choose to read non-fiction books on their own. 

Implementation (10 points)

STEMscopes is used by all Truckee Elementary teachers and our science teacher. The books sets are recommended by StemScopes and will be utilized in small groups or in solo reading. 

The science book sets will remain in our school library and will be used for many years to support science literacy and student interests.
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All 4th grade teachers and our science teacher will utilize these books. All other grades will have access to these materials to meet individual learning needs.

Budget (10 points)
Budget Item(s)
$60 - 10 copies Energy Makes Things Happen
$70 - 10 copies Light is all Around Us
$60 - 10 Switch On, Switch Off
$69 - 10 copies Sounds All Around
$50 - 10 copies Simple Machines
$35 - 10 copies Forces Make Things Move
Amount Requested
Other funding sources

There are site funds available for books, and our site has allocated some to purchase literature books. There may be some left for reading sets.