Supplemental Reading Material for Cold Stream Alternative

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Carey Parlette
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Monies to be used for purchasing extra-curricular and supplemental reading materials for students attending Cold Stream Alternative, grades 7-12.

Benefits of Program

Students taking English and Social Studies classes from Cold Stream will benefit from this grant. These students range from 7th-12th grade, ski academy participants at NTHS, students at THS taking a single subject course through I.S. Cold Stream, as well as our full time students during their full course load with Cold Stream. 

Success of Program

This grant has supported our program for the last 10-12 years tremendously. Cold Stream is a constantly moving entity throughout our district, working with THS, NTHS, and SHS, without a personal library or budget to have one. This money has allowed us to build an extensive library of reading materials for all core classes, allowing a yearly refresh of the most current and up to date books for the wide variety of readers that we serve. This grant is integral in the success of our English program, allowing for more student choice, more personalized curriculum, which can be measured by the graduates we have served, the AP test scores and high STAR reading scores, and most importantly, the goal, of inspiring kids to be life-long readers. It is an extremely needed motivator to be able to offer students books specialized for their interests and reading levels.


Each year I evaluate our current inventory of books, interview students to get ideas on what is needed to add to our library, discuss with PLC's the latest titles that are popular with students to inform my purchasing needs and I then ask our secretary to order for me. I usually do 2 orders throughout the year.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

I am the sole English teacher at Cold Stream, but I do share materials with our Social Studies and science teacher.

Each year, I usually ask for about 1000 dollars, and this seems to be enough to supplement what is offered by our school/district allocations.
Amount Funded
Other funding sources

We are funded to buy some supplementals, but this allows for the necessary differentiation and specialization that is part of our teaching philosophy at Cold Stream.