Supplemental Subscriptions to enhance Literacy in the Elementary Classroom

Grant Applicant
Diane Welch
School Site
Sierra Expeditionary Learning School
Grant Category
Grant Date
Description (10 points)

Magazine and focused literacy subscriptions to help support and enhance the early literacy skills in an elementary classroom. Adding a variety of reading material to a classroom library allows students the flexibility to choose their reading material that fosters a love of reading. By subscribing to high-interest magazines, students will continue to read for fun in the classroom. 

Benefits of Program (10 points)

By supplying the classroom library with high-interest reading material and focused literacy instruction, student reading skills will improve. Giving young readers a variety of text to read, they will strengthen their comprehension abilities and learn critical strategies (making connections, inferring, visualization) to improve their literacy base. Magazines remain in the classroom for multiple years to continued reading support and can be used for art projects when the magazines are out of date or worn out.

Success of Program (10 points)

Students will show improvement in their reading fluency and comprehension by practicing their literacy skills on a regular basis. This program also allows for students to read with buddies that may be at a different reading level, but have the same interest. This approach eliminates the levels stigma associated with many reading groups and gives early readers a chance to share a common text in the classroom.

Implementation (10 points)

Subscriptions will be placed prior to the beginning of the school year so magazines and focused literacy subscriptions will be available for students starting in the fall. Having a monthly subscription creates excitement and anticipation of upcoming issues to share.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

This is a classroom only subscription but any student visiting the classroom (cross-age buddies, team crew) are welcome to read the magazines while in the classroom with our own students. The magazines may be shared on subsequent years with other classes that need magazines for art projects.

The subscriptions are one-year and need to be renewed each year even though the magazines will remain in the classroom for multiple years.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$29 - ASK
$30 - Sports Illustrated for Kids
$30 - Zoobooks
$25 - National Geographic Kids
$19 - Boys Life
$40 - Highlights
$38 - Girls' World
$206 - Storyworks Jr. (Scholastic)
Budget Notes

Storyworks Jr. is a monthly subscription per student from Each child receives their own magazine with focused literacy skills that will be completed as a class. Each subscription is $8.25 per student/year.

All other subscriptions are for one magazine that will be shared by the class.

Other funding sources

In the past I have used funds raised by the classroom during walk-a-thons. I would love to use those funds for other classroom enhancements for learning.