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Katie Old
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The Sagehen Outdoor Education Program is an established, unique environmental education program for fifth grade students in the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District. This year we are hoping to augment and replace some of the supplies that have been worn down over the past 10 years of the program. As well, we are hoping to add a few “essential” supplies to our gear boxes to help make the program as educational and memorable as possible. For example, we are looking to replace rubber boots for the infamous “Fen” hike, one of the highlights due in part to the extreme amounts of mud!  As well, we are hoping to increase our supply of insect nets to be used during the hands-on science lessons.  In addition, we are looking to purchase aprons for the students who assist in preparation and making of the meals, yet another highlight of the program!  A complete list of supplies requested is listed in the budget section of this grants.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

The Sagehen Outdoor Education Program provides all of the 5th grade students in the school district with a unique environmental education experience. This experience not only focuses on team building and developing a sense of community, but students also gain knowledge around a number of scientific topics.

Success of Program (10 points)

The Sagehen Outdoor Education Program provides 5th grade students of the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District with a high quality, standards-based, hands-on environmental education experience about the area in which they live. The lessons and skills learned are consistently used throughout the school year, providing constant opportunities to practice the skills learned and apply knowledge.  We have successfully been providing this program to the students in our school district for the past 11 years.

Implementation (10 points)

For the past 11 years, the Sagehen Outdoor Education program has been organized and run by 3 teachers, volunteering their time. The program runs for approximately 5-6 weeks each Fall. 

This equipment should last for approximately 5-10 years.
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This grant will be used by all 5th grade students throughout the school district.

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I've included an itemized list in case there is an issue with my uploaded document (the budget).  For some reason I was unable to add budget items above.


Food storage containers(6): $56.74 (amazon)

Laundry basket (1): $24.99 (amazon)

Kids’ apron (18): $87.00 (amazon)

Insect nets (10): $149.50 (amazon)

Rain ponchos (15): $164.10 (amazon)

Other funding sources
  • Shane McConkey Foundation

  • Vail/Epic Promise- Northstar

  • TDLT  Truckee Donner Land Trust



  • Martis Camp Community Foundation

  • Measure A

  • Truckee Optimists


  • Fees from participant families