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Danc'n Sheviya Chanturai-Woelbing
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We would like to purchase a variety of movement and play equipment that are designed to promote fine motor and gross motor skills for our youngest learners. The traditional PE equipment is not available for our use. This equipment will be used within our classrooms, in the gym, and outside. The equipment will enrich various literacy and math activities to promote strong foundational skills.

Benefits of Program

This will benefit many students who do not have access to outdoor equipment at home to develop their gross motor skills.TK and Kinder students thrive when given opportunities for movement that enhance fine motor and gross motor skills. We hope to create a learning environment that promotes social and emotional confidence in our students. 


Success of Program

Shortly after implementation of this program, we hope to see our students utilizing life skills such as team building, cooperation, sharing, and problem solving. We also believe with improved gross and fine motor skills, our students will gain confidence which will promote concentration and focus.


This equipment will be made available to transitional kindergarten, kindergarten and the state preschool students. Each classroom will incorporate these movement tools/equipment into our daily schedule.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

All equipment will be available to all TK and kindergarten students. While primarily for TK and kindergarten this equipment will be made available to the state preschool students.

With the purchase of these outdoor equipment items we looked for high quality items that would last for years. Teaching students how to use equipment properly will also ensure that the equipment lasts longer. This will be sustainable for many years.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$249 - Individual Goal, Large
$249 - Individual Goal, Large
$159 - DuraBall Sport Ball Pack
$199 - Scoterboards Set of 6, Rainbow
$279 - Parachute 30' dia w/ Handles
$80 - Plasmacar
$80 - Plasmacar
$80 - Plasmacar