Truckee High School Physics Equipment

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Susan Lowder
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To purchase equipment for physics so that there are nine sets of equipment for the study of kinematics, dynamics, momentum and energy. Currently there are six sets for use by thirty students which results in large lab groups.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

Originally the CPO physics equipment was purchased with Excellence in Education funds as well as Measure A funds. At the time the equipment was purchased the average class size in physics was usually twenty-four students. Six sets of equipment was purchased with a plan of four or fewer students in a group. Currently our average class size is thirty students and our groups consist of five students. If three additional sets of equipment can be purchased, lab group sizes can be decreased to three or four students in each group which will help more students get their hands on the equipment. Smaller lab groups help timid students access the materials and work through the experimental problems which leads to greater understanding of the physical concepts.

Success of Program (10 points)

Purchasing three additional sets of equipment will lead to more students working with the materials. With lab groups of over four students, it is common for one student to just watch the whole process. Our goal is for the students to be actively engaged in the activity so that the physics concepts can come to life. Success can be measured by observations of the students who become active learners during the laboratory process and lab reports. Success can also be measured through formative and summative assessments.

Implementation (10 points)

Equipment will be utilized as soon as it is purchased. All the equipment is used in experiments in the AP physics course as well as the college preparatory classes. About ninety students are enrolled in the physics courses at Truckee High School this year. CPO timers and photogates as well as the physics stands are available for nine modules (Ex in Ed 2014).

The requested equipment is durable. Its useful lifetime should surpass twenty years. Replacement parts, such as plastic marbles for the marble launcher and new connection cables for the photogates have been purchased through Measure A funds.
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The equipment will be used by all physics students at Truckee High School.

Budget (10 points)
Amount Requested
Other funding sources

Measure A funds would be used to purchase the equipment, but it will take several years to complete the sets so that nine modules are available for the students to use.


In 2014 Excellence in Education funded the purchase of three additional CPO timers and physics stands to begin our transition to nine sets of equipment in physics. All the equipment in this grant is compatible with the existing CPO equipment used at Truckee High School. Original Sets of Six: CPO Car & Ramp (Ex in Ed 2004), CPO Timers (Ex in Ed 2004), Marble Launchers (Ex in Ed 2005), Pendulum (Ex in Ed 2005), Colliding Pendulum (Ex in Ed 2005), CPO Energy Car & Track (Ex in Ed 2009)