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Kim Bradley, TTUSD Wellness Manager
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We would like to expand our HeartMath program in eight TTUSD schools. HeartMath is a stress management system that helps students synchronize their brain and heart rate for optimal stress resistance and mental performance. Students wear a heart monitor that shows their Heart Rate Variability (HRV) rhythm which indicates when their bodies are in a calm, relaxed, focused, and coherent state. Since 2013, thousands of TTUSD students have benefited from using HeartMath to concentrate on their breathing, calm their bodies, and regulate their nervous systems to help them become more emotionally balanced and focused. However, there has been a range in the level and amount each school has implemented HeartMath at their school sites. Some schools like Glenshire Elementary and Truckee Elementary, have led the effort by setting up HeartMath stations in every classroom as calming corners for students to regulate themselves during the school day. At other school sites, School Counselors and School Psychologists have worked individually with students but have not used it regularly. As a school district, we are interested in supporting our school sites in better utilizing this powerful Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program.

We are requesting $5,140 to purchase equipment to increase the number of school sites and students benefiting from HeartMath. We would like to expand the number of classrooms with HeartMath at Glenshire Elementary (GES) and create student HeartMath Centers at Sierra High School (SHS), Truckee High School (THS) Counseling Center, North Tahoe School (NTS) Counseling Corner, Kings Beach Elementary Counseling Room (KBE), and all four of our middle school and high school Wellness Centers.


Benefits of Program

We have been using HeartMath in our schools for 10 years and have seen firsthand the effectiveness of the program. In fact, Marco Mora, Truckee Elementary School Counselor, was featured in a recent HeartMath Institute video highlighting the great work that is being done at Truckee Elementary. TTUSD students have reported feeling less stressed and calmer after using HeartMath. According to the HeartMath Institute, students who participate in HeartMath programs and use its technologies show significant improvements in impulse control, readiness, academic focus, decision-making, anger management, and in getting along better with teachers, peers and parents. Students with a wide variety of behavioral issues quickly learn how to regulate their mental and emotional systems so they are calmer, happier, and more energized. (see HeartMath in Education attachment) 

The TTUSD Wellness Program is invested in expanding this program to teach more students how to calm their bodies and minds, so they are ready to learn and stay engaged in school. In particular, Glenshire Elementary (GES) students and students who frequent the Wellness Centers and Counseling Offices at Kings Beach Elementary (KBE), North Tahoe High School (NTHS), North Tahoe School (NTS), Truckee High School (THS), Alder Creek Middle School (ACMS), Sierra High School (SHS), and Truckee River School (TRS) will benefit most from this grant. They will have access to HeartMath stations where they can self-regulate, manage their stress and anxiety, and increase their ability to focus in school.

Success of Program

We will know that this grant is successful when we are able to increase the number of students benefiting from the Heart Math program from approx. 1,000 students at Glenshire Elementary and Truckee Elementary to 1,270 students. This will include: 50 Kings Beach Elementary students, 50 North Tahoe School students, 50 Alder Creek Middle School students, 50 North Tahoe High School students, 50 Truckee High School students, and 20 Sierra High School/Truckee River School students next school year. We will know we are successful when we have new HeartMath stations set up in every classroom at Glenshire Elementary, and every Wellness Center and Counseling Room at THS, ACMS, NTHS, NTS, KBE, SHS, and TRS. These stations will create calming spaces where students can calm their bodies, practice coping skills, and reset so they can return to class more regulated and ready to learn. (See Calming Spaces Attachment)

We will also continue to educate students and staff about the science and health benefits of reducing stress and increasing HeartMath breathing through regular Health Class presentations, classroom instruction, and staff trainings.


If awarded this grant, we would purchase 26 Emwave Sensor Modules and 6 computers in mid-August so we could get HeartMath stations set-up by the start of the school year. The TTUSD Wellness Program would train school site staff in Heart Math so they could support students to self-regulate and learn health coping skills. We plan to have all centers established and staff trained in HeartMath by mid-September.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes, this grant will be shared with all TTUSD Wellness Staff, Counselors, School Psychologists, and School Social Workers. This grant will enable eight school teams to expand HeartMath at their school sites. Additionally, it will be shared with School Counselor and School Psychologist PLCs (Professional Learning Communities) so they can better utilize existing HeartMath technology and resources. We are committed to making HeartMath a key district-wide Social Emotional Learning strategy to enhance student learning competencies.

Yes, this grant is sustainable. Once purchased, the computers and HeartMath sensors will be used for many years without any additional costs or replacements. This is a very cost effective investment in a research based Social Emotional Learning tool that will positively impact the lives of many students.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$1905 - 6 Microsoft Surface Laptops $317.50 X 6 = $1,905 (see attached quote)
$2860 - 26 HeartMath Sensor Modules (see attached quote)
Other funding sources

The TTUSD Tech Dept will be providing 12 HP laptops to match this grant. The estimated cost of 12 refurbished computers is approximately $14,400. We will also be upgrading existing HeartMath sensor modules to maximize the number of HeartMath stations available at each school site.