Update Tahoe Lake Elementary Book Room Reading Circle Sets

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Adelaide Gramanz, Library Media Specialist, Tahoe Lake Elementary
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This request is for funds to purchase new book sets for small group instruction reading at Tahoe Lake Elementary.  During Covid and in our various construction moves, our book room has suffered a loss in inventory as many books formerly onsite were sent home in distance learning and have subsequently been lost.  We would like to replace some outdated titles and add some higher level readers now that the 5th grade has returned to Tahoe Lake Elementary.  Over 20 years ago we created a "reading circle" room at Tahoe Lake.  This is a small room where we keep sets of book titles ranging in level from pre-primer to above 6th grade.  These books have been used over the years by all the teachers and support staff at Tahoe Lake on a daily basis to help all students become more proficient, fluent readers as well as to expose students to a variety of literature, both fiction and non-fiction, and to foster a love of reading.  The books are primarily used in guided reading groups and complement the District’s core reading program, McGraw Hill’s, Wonders.


Benefits of Program

All students at Tahoe Lake Elementary will benefit from updating our reading circle book set inventory.  The book sets used in guided reading instruction provide:

  • Differentiation of instruction
  • High interest literature at a variety of reading levels
  • Enhancement to Tahoe Truckee Reads and the community literacy goal of all students being at grade level in reading by the end of 3rd grade and beyond
  • Reading fluency for all students
  • Exposure to a variety of literary genres
  • Expanded vocabulary development


Success of Program

Our primary grant goal with the purchase of these new high interest readers is that all students show significant growth in their reading level.  Small group guided reading instruction enhances classroom instruction as students can be assessed daily based on their interaction with the text and group discussion.  Students in small groups have the opportunity to demonstrate understanding of both big ideas and key details in informational texts. Students will also be able to use these texts to support informational and summary writing using the tools learned through the Step Up to Writing program.  Students will be able to take comprehension and vocabulary tests after finishing each reader. These books will also be part of the Accelerated Reading program that is in place at all grade levels.  Student achievement, therefore, can be measured by current reading and language arts assessments.  Small group instruction using high interest books can be very motivating for reluctant readers.  Purchase of these new reader sets will hopefully spark higher achievement especially with students below grade level.



If Tahoe Lake Elementary is awarded this grant, we will collaborate with each grade level to order appropriate sets recommended by leadership.  Books will be ordered as soon as possible so they can be catalogued and received by the Fall of 2022.  These books will be accessible to all teachers and support staff at Tahoe Lake.  They will be used for guided reading groups, which is a small group of students reading and discussing the same text with a teacher, reading specialist or parent volunteer. Working with a small group of students allows us to target our instruction and really focus on specific areas of improvement and teach specific reading and information gathering strategies

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes, leadership at our site is aware the reading circle room sets are vitally important to our literacy program and desperately need to be upgraded.

These are sustainable items. We have occasionally asked for grant assistance in upgrading these materials, but I believe the last request was @2015, many years ago.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$840 - K 15 sets x 8 copies x $7/book
$1120 - 1st 20 sets x 8 copies x $7/book
$1120 - 2nd 20 sets x 8 copies x $7/book
$1600 - 3rd 20 sets x 8 copies x $10/book
$1200 - 4th 15 sets x 8 copies x $10/book
$1200 - 5th 15 sets x 8 copies x $10/book
Other funding sources

Our principal is aware of the need to update the "reading circle" book sets.  Grant funding from various sources and the use of old curriculum sets is primarily how we have achieved maintaining this valuable resource.  It is not currently a funded school site budget item.