Veratiles for Differentiated instruction K-5 for Literacy and Math

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Ashley Perkins
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The purpose of this grant is to purchase Veratiles sets for each grade level to support independent and differentiated learning activities for students.

Benefits of Program

 Versatiles are a hands-on skills practice with a self-checking answer system. In the multiage classroom there are numerous opportunities for students to practice skills independently while other students receive direct instruction from their teacher. During these independent activities, it is important for students to be able to self check their work for errors. Versatiles provide students with instructional visuals, across various strands of standards with an explicit method of checking their work independently or with a partner.

Success of Program

Versatiles provide engaging, screen-free alternatives to traditional skills practice. The Self-checking answer system creates a safe learning environment that increases student confidence. Both the literacy and math versatiles sets include Flexible, reliable, low-prep classroom solutions for each educator to provide differentiated support to students.  The skills and knowledge featured in each grade level set are aligned to state and national standards.

A sample of grade 2 Literacy materials include

  • Literacy Foundations: Phonics & Fluency
  • Language: Conventions
  • Language: Vocabulary
  • Literature: Comprehension Skills
  • Science Informational Text: Comprehension Skills
  • Social Studies Informational Text: Comprehension Skill

A sample of grade 2 Literacy materials include

  • Addition and Subtraction: To 20 and Beyond
  • Foundations of Multiplication: Equal Groups and Arrays
  • Addition and Subtraction: Properties and Place Value
  • Measurement and Data: Length, Time, and Analysis
  • Measurement and Data: Time, Money, and Analysis
  • Geometry: Shapes and Attributes

Success of the program will be measured by student acquisition of standards and skills.



This grant aims to supply a Veratiles set for literacy and math for each grade level. Each grade level kit supplies 24 student activity books (4 copies of each title, 32-pages each), 8 answer cases, and 1 teacher guide. The purchase would supply the K/1 classroom with the grade K math and Literacy versatiles, and grade 1 math and Literacy versatiles sets. The 2/ 3 classroom would receive math and Literacy versatiles for both second and third grade. The Yuba classroom in fourth and fifth grade would receive math and Literacy versatiles for each grade level. The Resource specialist would receive a differentiation versatiles box that features grades 1-6, for both literacy and math. The Reading Intervention teacher would get a differentiation box for grade 1-6 for literacy.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

This grant will be shared K-5 with each staff member and will impact all students at Donner Trail Elementary

If funded, this grant would be a one time purchase. All materials are included in the sets and they are reusable year after year. 
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$1200 - Versatiles classroom kit for ELA and Math K and 1st
$1200 - Versatiles classroom kit for ELA and Math 2nd and 3rd
$1200 - Versatiles classroom kit for ELA and Math for 4th and 5th
$350 - Versatiles Literacy Differentation Kit 1-6
$350 - Versatiles Literacy Differentation Kit 1-6
$350 - Versatiles Math Differentation Kit 1-6
Other funding sources

There is not funding available at Donner Trail to support and project like this for K-5. 

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