Virtual Reality Expansion

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Ed Hilton
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TTUSD would like to propose purchasing four kits, two 30-unit class sets, and two 10-unit center kits to expand our Virtual Reality offerings at the school sites. Currently, the kit is at 100% usage and has been successful at all three grade spans. We have been working with teachers directly on curriculum extension and how using VR is able to fit seamlessly into the curriculum without becoming a “novelty.”

Adding two classroom kits will allow additional opportunities for integration at all grade spans, and two smaller center-kits could be used for smaller groups, center-based instruction, college and career exploration, and teacher training.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

The Google Expeditions platform also allows teachers to create VR content for their own lessons. Using VR, teachers are able to create experiences that move beyond the textbook and traditional learning modalities. Using VR, students will be able to experience lessons come to life through immersive video, audio, and movement through space. The Google Expeditions platform provides seamless access to places students may  never see.  By using VR, students are able to fully experience the location in three dimensions, including video and sound.  For example, a classroom studying Paris would be able to take a virtual tour of the Louvre Museum. The tour includes video, audio, high resolution photos of each artifact, and as students wear the Expeditions Headset, they actually feel as though they are walking through the museum - able to look closely at any artifact they are interested in.

Success of Program (10 points)

The success of VR in the Classroom is assessed through the checkout and feedback protocol listed in “implementation” below. In addition, we will collect student feedback after using the Google Expeditions Kit regarding their experience of using VR for learning. Teachers will be able to report whether the VR in the Classroom program enabled them to meet and/or exceed lesson objectives and provided the deep learning experiences anticipated by the program objective. The initial roll out of VR has been very popular. Expanding the program will allow teachers to tie the use to their lesson planning.

Implementation (10 points)

The Google Expeditions Classroom Kits are available for reservation and checkout from the Technology & Information Services department. Once a teacher reserves the kit, they will schedule time to meet with a member of the TIS team to be aware of the best practices regarding using the kit in their classroom and plan the lesson for which the kit will be used. After students complete the lesson, the teacher and the students will complete an online feedback form to respond to this modality of learning. The TIS department will work with teachers to understand the extent to which the program met learning and district objectives. As more teachers use the VR kits they make notes on how they tied the use to curriculum and their lesson. These are then shared throughout the district.


Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

While I do not work with a specific grade level or subject area team, the nature of this grant allows it to be shared with any grade level or subject area team. They will be used district wide.

The kits should last for a long period of time. Adding more kits to the district's fleet of VR will allow more students to use the tool. There may potentially be a request for more kits later in time if the additional kits don't meet demand.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$7969 - 30-unit class set
$7969 - 30-unit class sets
$2656 - 10-unit center kit
$2656 - 10-unit center kit
$750 - cables, chargers and cases
Budget Notes

80 iPod Touches - $18000

80 HOMiDO expedition goggles (iPod touches go inside these) - $2000

4 Cases (two large and two small) - $1000

Misc Cables and Chargers - $250


For a 30 unit kit: $7968.75

For a 10 unit kit: $2656.25


About $266 per unit