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A is for árbol and avión…B is for barco and bicicleta! These Spanish alphabet teaching tubs have 154 appealing miniature artifacts. The tubs have been grouped into 30 tubs—one for each letter sound in the Spanish alphabet, including “ch,” “ll,” “ñ” and “rr.” Children can use these tubs along with their teacher to master letter sounds. One students have mastered the alphabet sounds, they can use the miniatures for sorting activities, memory games and many more phonics activities. The set includes a Spanish alphabet chart, 30 tubs and lids, sticker labels, 154 miniatures, 59 letters and a bilingual guide. The teaching tubs storage rack will provide a space to maintain the tubs organized and accessible to students.

Benefits of Program

**NEURONS that fire together, wire together***

The Spanish Alphabet Tubs will be used to provide visual and tactile realia to our students on a daily basis. Realia refers to the practice of using real, tangible objects in the classroom to help our students connect with Spanish. It involves visual and tactile experiences for students to expand concepts and vocabulary. In the classroom we will use realia to strengthen students' associations between words for everyday objects and the objects themselves. In our K, 1st grade and RTI classes, students will be able to interact with authentic materials enabling them to interact with the real language and its use. This vocabulary can then be transferred to reading, word work, writing and math. Examples are; to illustrate and teach young learners vocabulary for animals, clothing, fruit, community members, tools, vegetables and much more. Realia is used to provide experiences on which to build and provide students with opportunities to use all the senses in learning. Realia allows the students to see, feel and hear the object being explored. Current brain research tells us that when children listen and read they utilize the left cortex where visual processing occurs. Therefore, children need gestures and visuals to make language clearer.  We also know, stress makes the brain more dependent on visuals not only to hear and process, but also to establish a perception . In general, humans are designed to associated information with symbols. By providing our students with realia on a daily basis, we will be be providing them an opportunity not only to improve learning but also a way to analyze information. The population we serve at KBE is diverse, all learners will benefit from having accessible hands on realia directly associated to increasing their Spanish vocabulary.

Success of Program

The goal is to provide rich language exposure for children. This is measured through informal read-aloud discussions, individual conversations and teacher led literary topics. In addition, the success of the program will be measured by students ability to successfully and independently complete assigned phonic tasks. These will be tracked via every teachers conferring notebook.


All materials will be labeled as EEF funding and KBE property. The realia tubs will be used during whole class lessons to support new concepts and/or vocabulary. In addition, realia will be explicitly used during writing and guided reading by the classroom/RTI teacher. The Spanish Alphabet tubs will also be used in phonics centers such as word work and read to self. This will provide students with an opportunity to use new vocabulary explicitly taught.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

No, the target is for all students and teachers to have access to realia to support in reading, writing and word work daily. In order to do so, all teachers need their individual set.

Yes, the storage rack will provide a space to keep all materials organized and accessible for future students. The objects provided in the tubs are well made and sturdy. If necessary, they are easy to wipe down and/or wash. We will not need additional funding from EEF in future years.
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$1352 - Spanish Alphabet Teaching Tubs (Quantity 8)
$240 - Teaching Tubs Storage Rack (Quantity 8)
Other funding sources

There are no other funding resources. Although PACE and Measure A provide each classroom teacher with a total of $500, K, 1st and RTI  teachers have spent their allotted amounts on classroom materials and supplies.


Next year our K-1 team is adding a new 1st grade teacher. The grant also includes our RTI teacher.