You Can Do the Cube

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Marguerite Paras
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We are requesting the Education Packages of Rubik's Cubes. The packages contain Cubes for all students, the sequential lessons for solving, and extensions in STEM and art. 

From the "You can do the Cube" website: "Since its creation in 1974, the Rubik's Cube has continued to fascinate, bewilder and challenge millions of people. While many have tried to solve the cube, few succeeded. Those fortunate enough to solve the cube say this magical puzzle has increased their self-esteem, made them feel smarter and more willing to take risks, helped them overcome their fear of failure and even made them more outgoing. " 

We hope that our students will master the Cube. 

Benefits of Program (10 points)

By learning to complete the Rubik's Cube, students will improve their problem solving and spatial skills.  Their confidence levels will also improve

We are requesting Rubik's cubes for all students and the educator lessons for 3 teachers (Flynn, Haky-Smith, and Paras) 

Success of Program (10 points)

Jamie Maitia learned of the You Can do the Cube program at a GATE conference. Her 16-17 students participated in the program and loved it! She reports that every student in her class was successful. The 17-18 4th grade teachers would like all 4th graders to participate in the program this year.  


Implementation (10 points)

We will begin the Cube lessons in January and complete 2-3 lessons a week. We will incorporate resources that differentiate and incorporate different learning styles.  The lessons use math vocabulary and make connections to related math concepts.  We will also use the provided songs and chants to help students remember the algorithms.  

This grant is fully sustainable.
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This grant will be shared with all 4th grade teachers at Truckee Elementary School. 

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$748 - Education Pack of 96 cubes
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Educator packs of 96 Rubik's cubes   $749.97

Shipping                                                $27.82 

                                                Total    $777.79